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PREMIUM ORGANIC COMPOST- This rich, organic humus is a superior soil additive to enhance the productivity of native soils. Typical use:  for landscape installations, tree planting, amending agricultural soils, etc. 



  1. Provides nutrients. When added to soil, compost slowly supplies major and minor nutrients to the soil and, in turn, to your plants.
  2. Fights plants disease. University research has shown that adding just a 1-inch layer of compost to soil significantly reduces damage to plants from several major plant diseases.
  3. Buffers PH imbalances. Compost helps neutralize both acid and alkaline soils, making growing conditions more favorable for a wider range of plants
  4. Protects plants during drought. Compost acts like a sponge, retaining moisture, then releasing to plant roots as needed. At the same time, it improves the drainage of heavy clay soil.
  5. Adds beneficial microbes. Microbes in compost help break down existing nutrients, making them more available to plants.
organic soil mix


ALL-IN-ONE- Composted botanical residues, size-graded and matured with fine woodchips. Typical use: as a potting medium for 3 gallon and bigger pots. 

ALL-IN-ONE+PINE- Pine bark (either 1/4" size or 3/8" size )is blended into the All-In-One at a 1/3ratio, making the end product lighter and providing superior drainage capacity over time. Should the customer so desire, more pine bark can be added to the mix.  Typical use: as a potting medium for 3 gallon and bigger pots. 

We can add perlite for greater drainage to any soil mix at the customer’s request, at a small additional cost.

landscaping mixes


FIFTY-FIFTY- A blend of fifty percent sifted Florida native soils and fifty percent sand by weight. Typical use: landscape installations and palm planting. 

CUSTOM BLENDS- Available by request, we can mix native soils, compost, and different grades of sand to the customer’s specifications. 


AGRICULTURAL MULCH- Rich, dark, matured mulch that adds nutrients to the soil and enhances its water retaining capacity, while suppressing weeds. 

LANDSCAPE MULCH- Twice ground and screened, this handsome natural mulch is made with 100 % casuarina pine. It contains no construction and demolition debris. Typical use: as mulch for landscaping installations. 



Ask us for pricing on pea rock, rock 57, river rock and other decorative stones.

Compost Technical Data Sheet

EPS Organics produces premium organic compost right here in South Florida. This rich, dark, well-aerated compost is approved for unrestricted distribution and can be utilized to improve soils, landscapes and gardens, as well as in potting soil. As a soil amendment EPS Organics compost has the following properties:

Quantified Parameters* Typical EPS
Average Rate
pH 7.8 to 8.5 8.2
Nitrogen 19-38 25 ppm N
Phosphorous 28-80 58 ppm P
Potassium 290-524 426 ppm K
Soluble Salts .59- .77 .69 mmhos/cm
Calcium 5000-9670 7415 ppm Ca
Magnesium 152-318 234 ppm Mg
Iron 3.7-6.2 4.8 ppm Fe
Manganese 3.7-4.8 4.8 ppm Mn
Zinc 2.3-18.4 8 ppm Zn
Copper .1 .1 ppm Cu
Boron 1.2-4.0 2.2 ppm B
Sulfur 22-29 26 ppm S
Moisture Content 35-55% 45% total solids analysis
Organic Matter Content 76-80% 78% loss on ignition by
Moisture Holding
149.06 to 154.51 151.8 saturation and retention

Qualified Parameters**: EPS Organics compost has been analyzed for Total Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Mercury and Nickel, Organochlorine Pesticides/PCB’s and Pesticides. All were either below detectable levels or well below FAC Chapter 62-777 Residential Exposure Target Levels. Completely nematode and weed seed free.

*Analyzed by A&L Southern Agricultural Laboratories
** Analyzed by Vizcaya Chemical Laboratories or A&L Southern Agricultural Laboratories